Report: Grant Hill Interested in Signing With Heat

Well, South Florida is a retirement hot spot, so maybe it makes sense that all of these NBA veterans are showing interest in joining the Heat. Plus, the pre-retirement package comes with a pretty good shot at a ring or two.

Following 36-year-old Ray Allen's decision to jump ship and take his talents to South Beach, 39-year-old Grant Hill is reportedly interested in following suit.

Hill has been with the Phoenix Suns for the past five seasons but is now a free agent. Some reports say he's interested in following Steve Nash to the L.A. Lakers, but TNT's David Aldrige reports he also has interest in signing with the Heat. (The Oklahoma Thunder is also an option, but whatever.)

There's been some buzz for a while that the Heat might have interest in Hill, but Aldridge adds, "It is not known if Miami's interest in Hill was at all affected by its agreement last week to sign guard Ray Allen from the Celtics."

Hill has had an illustrious career. He's a seven-time All-Star, a Rookie of the Year, and a two-time NCAA championship winner (much to Juwan Howard's chagrin). But he's ringless, so it makes sense he's looking at three teams that are likely to be deep in the championship hunt next year.

Hill has been playing strong for a guy his age in the past three season at Phoenix. He averaged 10.2 points a game last season.

Whether the Heat can move the money around to sign Hill, or whether the team is still even interested, isn't known.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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