Rep. Allen West's Guide to Sexy Letter Writing

After earlier reporting on a sexually explicit letter South Florida Tea Bagger extraordinaire Rep. Allen West sent to his wife while he was serving in the army in 2003, Gossip Extra has decided to upload the handwriten missive and unleash it on the web. The site released the letter, they claim, because West opposes issues related to women's health and sexuality.

If it's a fake (West's staff has declined to comment about it), then it's obviously the work of a comic mastermind. If it is indeed real, well, in that case, West is a master of sexual letter writing. Forget those sloppy sexts, and take notes from West's literary talent. Learn how to write sexy letters the Allen West way.

(NSWF Warning: You may not want to read these at the office if you've got a nosy boss looking over your shoulder.)

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Kyle Munzenrieder