Rep. Alan Grayson's Annulment Falls Through: "Gold Diggers Gotta Dig"

Politically, Alan Grayson is every progressive Floridian's wet dream. Many are still holding out hope that he'll jump into the Senate race against establishment favorite and boringly moderate Rep. Patrick Murphy. There's just one little problem with Grayson: his personality. 

The hot-tempered, Orlando-area Democrat is currently in the process of officially ending his marriage to his wife of 25 years, Lolita. Grayon's lawyers discovered that Mrs. Grayson had technically not gotten a divorce from her previous husband before her 1990 marriage to Mr. Grayson, thus committing bigotry, and the congressman sought an annulment instead of a divorce. 

It appeared last month that the matter was settled, and the two sides had reached an annulment agreement with financial terms. Mr. Grayson signed off, but then Mrs. Grayson never did. Mrs. Grayson, meanwhile, is on her sixth lawyer. 

"I'll sum it up for you. Gold diggers gotta dig. That's all I gotta say," Grayson told news station WFTV when hit with the news. "We had an agreement. She's trying to renege."

When a reporter asked Mrs. Grayson if she is indeed a gold digger she replied with a laugh. Mr. Grayson is one of the richest members of Congress. 
It's the latest battle in a messy and public divorce between the pair who have five children together. The battle has also included unsubstantiated accusations of affairs and domestic abuse. 

However, Mr. Grayson still hopes to have the situation settled by the end of the week and wants the judge to enforce the previous agreement. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder