Rep. Alan Grayson Accidentally Tweeted "F*ck The Police"

Congressman and potential Democratic Senate candidate Alan Grayson is no stranger to saying controversial things and calling others name, and he's certainly no stranger to not apologizing if he offends anyone. However, Grayson's office made a rare semi-apology lately to clarify that the congressman did not indeed mean to tell police officers to fuck off. 

Grayson, an unapologetic Liberal, made a tweet last week stating that, "The mission of our police is to serve and protect, not unnerve and disrespect." The tweet came after President Barack Obama announced the end of a program that sent surplus military equipment to local police department for free or little money. 

Except it seemed that Grayson's tweet may have had a hidden message. See if you can spot it. 

Still don't see it? Check out the blue post box. 

There it is!
"Fuck the police" scrawled right there. 

But was it intentional? A hidden message to let people know how he really feels? His office says no according to Post on Politics

“The tweet sent out by Congressman Grayson’s staff about the militarization of the police included some graffiti that used an obscenity to disparage the police,” said the statement released by Grayson’s office this afternoon. “This graffiti was part of the original image, and the photo house’s agreement does not allow altering of the image (outside of cropping) in any way. No offense was intended towards anyone, and had we been able to alter the image we would have.”

Of course, that begs the question: Why not crop it? Or use another picture? 

Grayson has not deleted the tweet. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.