Rekers on the Record

World, meet George Alan Rekers. You're catching him at an awkward moment. This conversation was recorded the day after Rekers returned from Europe with his male escort, Jo-vanni, and he was in no mood to chat with the press — least of all about eight-inch penises and pornographic websites.  

Note especially the bit about the Google search.

Now look at this statement, released by Rekers on his website, professorgeorge.com:

But hold your horses! That's not what Rekers's statement said. Last week, according to The Advocate, Rekers's statement read:

"Dr. Rekers found his recent travel assistant by interviewing acquaintances, and only found out about his travel assistant's alleged prostitution activity and Internet advertisements during the trip."

Whatever the truth and whatever the reason, it's obvious Rekers is hell-bent on obfuscating the circumstances surrounding Jo-vanni's hire.

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