Raymond Herisse, Man Killed by Police in Miami Beach, Fingered as Suspect in Previous Boynton Beach Shooting

Raymond Herisse, the 22-year-old who was shot and killed by Miami Beach and Hialeah police officers over the Memorial Day weekend in Miami Beach, has been identified by police in Boynton Beach as a suspect in a shooting back in November. According to the Pulp, police identified Herisse as the suspect after reading about the shooting in a newspaper this morning.

Boynton Beach Police claim Herisse and an unidentified man shot at a gas station clerk in Boynton Beach November 21. One of the bullets hit the clerk in the chin, but the clerk also had a gun and returned fire. The police called in the clerk, who identified Herisse's picture out of a photo lineup.

Herisse lived just down the street from the gas station where the incident occurred.

Herisse had a lengthy criminal history, though none of his arrests involved guns or violence.

Meanwhile, Miami Beach Police found a gun in Herisse's car this morning. Twelve police officers shot more than 100 rounds at Herisse after he tried to run down at least five officers with his car. Police have not been able to verify whether Herisse fired the gun during the incident.

Update: Here's video of the November incident: 

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Kyle Munzenrieder