Priceless Herald Comments on Edel Mesa

Okay, I had to laugh when I read this Herald story about Edel Mesa, Miami’s leading candidate for a Darwin Award. All I can say is que pendejo. I also got a kick from some of the reader comments like this one by Player:

“He was growing weed for his sick Abuela.”

Or this other one from Anonymous:

“He said I’m gonna grow some pot that’ll blow your socks off! It actually blew him out of his shoes!”

Here’s a gem from Good Ole Boy:

“Oh my, more Cuban immigrants committing more immigrant crimes in immigrant Miami. We gave you immigrants freedom, clothe you, fed you, and educated you immigrants. And how do you Cuban immigrants repay us. You immigrants peddle marijuana to our teenagers.”

And then there’s Neighbor:

“All you Cuban haters…are you telling me gringos don’t enjoy a good toke every now and then?? Give me a break you hypocrites.” --Francisco Alvarado

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