Pretty In the City - Wrapped Up in Lace

When stunningly gorgeous California native model-slash-actress Anna Elizabeth decided to open a nail spot in Miami, her vision was simple and clear. "She wanted to open a fly-ass nail shop where bitches could come and get pretty before partying," explains John Guillot, the sassy and hilarious manager of Lace Nail Lab and the new Lace Beauty Lab - the gleaming new sequel to the original, beloved space on South Beach's West Avenue. Let me tell you - John is a hoot. Chit-chatting with him was just one of the highlights of my visit.

Lace's new space is bigger, fancier, and offers more beauty services and stylish items for sale than the old place. Pink, silver, and mirrored surfaces reign supreme, and in the lab's lobby, visitors are greeted with a designer clothing showcase where original designs by Kim Cera, La Perla swimwear, Chloe purses, and Dior shoes were available for sale. The layout of the nail care room brought back fond memories of NYC's Dashing Diva. The seating and layout would be ideal for a girl's day out or bridal shower!

Besides shopping and nail Lace now has additional rooms where they offer facials and massages. Some of their package deals sound irresistible - the Get Stoned mani/pedi eucalyptus footbath hot stone massage experience sounds just like what the doctor ordered, n'est-ce pas? My simultaneous mani/pedi experience was both efficient and nurturing - Lace believes in hot towel therapy, which left my hands incredibly soft.

Lace is now able to really offer something for everyone - from the busy career woman who just needs an express manicure and pedicure, to the "First Time on South Beach" visitors who need the fashion consultation, facial, hair style, and professional makeup application that $365 package deal includes.

Lace does offers extravagance to suit its environs - there's no better example of economic excess than the Dubai special, which includes a star fruit sugar body rub, a Botinol facial and simultaneous foot massage, an application of a full set of extreme lashes, a haircut, conditioning treatment, scalp massage and blowout, all wrapped up by a hot stone mani-pedi and makeup application for a whopping $1150. But your pockets don't need to be deep to enjoy the ambiance. Book an appointment for the traditional Sunday Manicures and Mimosas, your mani costs just $22 plus tip, of course. Oh, and FYI - Lace is one of few salons to have its own shade of Essie nail polish, a pale, pearly pink that's evocative of the popular Sugar Daddy. Totally appropriate for Miami Beach's hottest nail joint, we think. Call 305-532-0190, or visit www.iluvlace.com.

Patrice Yursik

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