Pretty in the City - Here Comes Hot Pants!

There’s plenty of high end makeup, beauty, and skin care items to be purchased in South Florida, but what you may not know is, there are also some pretty awesome products being produced and sold right here. Today, Pretty in the City will feature one such product line – Hot Pants fashion inspired makeup, which is made in Davie by the beautiful Brooke Boles. When we caught up with Brooke, she was mere days away from having a baby! So congratulations go out to her for bringing new life (and fabulous makeup) into the world.

A recent Los Angeles transplant, Boles set up shop in Davie. Five years ago she created Hot Pants, which she describes as “a jaw dropping, traffic stopping, guaranteed-to-turn-heads color cosmetics line for the eyes, lips, face, and body.” That description isn’t an overstatement – her eye shadows and eye bases are truly unique and outstanding. You’ve never tried eye shadow like this before.

Hot Pants’ eye shadows are meant to be paired with the illusion eye base, a shadow primer that comes in clear, gray, and black. Because of the primer base, that means Hot Pants op art eye shadows can last and last into the wee hours of the morn.

“I’m from Houston, Texas, and it’s very humid there. I have a background in acting, and I noticed under the lights, your makeup tends to melt. So when I came up with my own line, I wanted something that would adhere the pigments,” she explains. Thanks to her illusion base, customers can create more looks for less product – the darker the base, the darker the eye color, and she promises that her eye shadows can stay put for as long as eight hours. The Op Art eye shadows come in four shade ranges – water colors (which includes gorgeous greens, blues, purples, and golds), earth tones, soft & subtle, and sparkle. Boles confesses that her favorite shade is Mannerism, a holographic brown/green that makes chocolate-colored eyes sparkle. The shadows cost $15.98.

In the pot, the shadows are bright white. On your eyes, over your base of choice, they come to spectacular life. Even the packaging is unique – the top of each eye shadow container holds a sifter, a small hole through which you control how much product you’re using. “That way, you don’t lose a lot of powder,” Boles explains.

Hot Pants just launched a hot new product, Lip Lust – an incredible little glossy plumper that comes with an LED light in the top of it, so everyone at the club will want to know what you’re applying to your mouth. “It’s the first lip plumper with no stinging – we use cottonseed oil, so it’s also really moisturizing. We always come out with something new and really different,” explains Boles. A tube of Lip Lust is $19.99, and comes in 12 sumptuous shades.

Visit or call their toll free number, 800-571-1756, to learn more. To complete this local makeup story, Hot Pants is for sale only at local cosmetics emporium GBS, so stop by your neighborhood store to purchase these items yourself.

- Patrice Yursik

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