Pretty in the City - Get Plucked at the Brow Bar

I’ve been on a mission to find the place to get my brow situation dealt with on a regular basis. I don’t ask for much – it has to be affordable, the place has to be clean and conveniently located, and they have to do a great job on the first visit, because otherwise I ain’t going back. Apparently I haven’t been alone on this mission – because the line at last week’s opening of the Benefit Brow Bar at Dadeland Mall was practically wrapped around the whole cosmetics’ area of Macy’s.

The regular cosmetics booths made way for the charmingly pink, retro-looking Benefit Cosmetics counter -- those unfamiliar with San Francisco’s beloved beauty brand were informed about the company’s credo – their makeup benefits your skin (hence the name). Think of it as skin care disguised as makeup. In major cities across the US and around the world, Benefit has been setting up these Brow Bars -- a special little shop at the Benefit Cosmetics counter designed to provide customers with an easy and convenient way to have their eyebrows shaped, arched and tweezed, all during a shopping trip. And their prices are shockingly affordable -- $18 for a brow arch, and $25 for a brow and lip wax.

The Benefit professional they set me up with, Ivette, did such an amazing job in like no time at all. In 15 minutes, she cleaned up my brows, enhanced the arch I had, and the whole thing was done with no stencils or thread – just freehand waxing and plucking. Et voila, my brows are the bomb. I highly recommend Ivette, if you’re seeking a brow expert.

Besides grooming your brows, Benefit experts teach you how to shape your own brows with their cool tools -- if you’ve got brow issues, "brow zings," a wax pigment used to define brows, could be the lifesaver you’ve been looking for.

The sweetest thing about the Brow Bar is, they don’t leave you with telltale red arches or mustaches after their treatment. Oh no. After the Ivette treatment, I was ushered over to meet counter manager Beatriz, who set about transforming my face with a gang of Benefit gorgeousness. The tequila gold Gilded eye pencil would be stunning on any woman with brown skin, and the creaseless cream eyeshadow liner has been making my life more beautiful all week. Thanks for the introduction to my new favorite makeup, Beatriz! You made me look and feel gorgeous.

My experience at the Benefit Brow Bar was absolutely lovely. Just be forewarned -- after the makeover, you might be pressured into purchasing more than you planned – this struggling journalist didn’t feel at all embarrassed to tell the cashier “hell no,” when they tried to stick me with $75 worth of products at the end of the service. There’ll be plenty of Benefit around for a while at Macy’s, so I know I can stop by any time and get my products in affordable spending increments. For an $18 eyebrow wax, I’ll definitely be back. Want to get a brow hook up of your very own? Call 305-662-3400, or just swing by the midsection of Macy’s Dadeland.

-- Patrice Yursik

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