President Obama Records Radio Ad for Kendrick Meek

Just days after The Wall Street Journal was floating severely under-sourced rumors that Kendrick Meek may be forced out of the senate race by his own party, President Obama has recorded a strongly worded radio ad for the Democratic candidate. It may be a little late in the game, but it should put to bed speculation that D.C. Democrats are ready to ditch Meek in favor of independent Charlie Crist.

You can listen to the ad, hosted on Meek's website, here, but here's the transcript:

President Obama: "This is Barack Obama and I want you to know why I strongly support Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate.

"Kendrick's been a powerful voice for Floridians: standing up to special interests, to hold Wall Street accountable, fighting the insurance industry to make sure health care isn't denied to our children because of a preexisting condition, working to eliminate subsidies to banks so young people can afford a college education, and Kendrick strongly opposes extending tax breaks for the wealthy and has worked tirelessly to expand the middle class and support small businesses.

"So please join me in supporting Kendrick Meek for Senate. Because if we work together, he will win.

"Announcer: Go to KendrickMeek.com to learn more. Or text 'join' to 35736. That's 'join' to 35736 to

get involved today.

Kendrick Meek: I'm Kendrick Meek, candidate for senate, and I approve this message.

Granted, if Democrats started working together in earnest a lot longer ago Meek might be in a better position. Right now's he's struggling even to win a majority of Democratic voters in a three way race against Crist and Marco Rubio. Though, the ad should hopefully kick some Democrat voters who are on the fence about whether to vote for Meek or Crist back in line.

The President is in town today, though he's not stumping for Meek. He's headlining a fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning's house to benefit Ron Klein and other democratic congressional candidates.

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Kyle Munzenrieder