Poll Shows Few Floridians Are Excited About LeBron James, Heat Fans are More Liberal than Magic Fans and Other Weird Things

Public Policy Polling, which usually concerns itself with political matters, has a kind of bonkers new poll out concerning the state of the NBA in Florida. Of course the poll centers around LeBron James, and it turns out that Floridians outside of South Florida could care less about James. 

Though the poll has some other interesting tidbits. Like the fact that more Floridians are fans of the Magic than the Heat. However, Heats fans are more politically liberal than Magic fans, and LeBron James is more popular amongst people who also view President Obama favorably. 

A whopping 69 percent of Floridians are not excited at all about LeBron James joining the Miami Heat.  19 percent say they're very excited, and 12 percent said they were somewhat excited. 

I guess the rest of Florida can't be happy for us and don't see themselves as fans of our Sports teams. That's fine, just another reason for the eventual South Florida secession. In fact, it seems that the Orlando Magic are marginally more popular in the state than the Heat. 18 percent of Floridians are Magic fans, and only 16 percent are Heat fans. 

Of course 74 percent of self-described Heat fans were excited about the signing, and only 1 percent was unexcited (perhaps Dwyane Wade loyalists who were worried about MV3 having to share the spotlight?). 76 percent of Heat fans have a favorable opinion of James, compared to just 19 percent of non-Heat fan Floridians who do. 

With that out of the way, the poll gets kind of weird. 

For example, the poll shows that people who voted for Obama in 2008 are much more likely to view James favorably than those who voted for John McCain. 

Liberals are bigger basketball fans in the state than Conservatives. About 23 percent of self-described liberals in the state are Heat fan, compared to just 16 percent who are Magic fans. Only 13 percent of Conservatives in the state are Heat fans. 16 percent are Magic fans. 

The poll also found that a greater percentage of Men were Heat fans, while more female basketball fans prefer the Magic. More Hispanics are fans of the Heat, while more white folk are Magic fans. 

I have no idea what one would do with this information, but here it is. Thanks PPP. 

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