Police Bust Father-and-Son Drug Dealers Who Had 23 Guns

Like many families in Miami, Nelson Valeriano Rodriguez and Nelson Angel Rodriguez were running a father and son business together. Thier's just happened to be a drug ring. Miami-Dade police busted the pair yesterday after receiving an anonymous tip.

A tipster informed police that the duo was dealing marijuana out of a home owned by the father at 761 NW 132nd Place. Police set up surveillance on Tuesday and soon discovered that the pair was dealing a lot more than pot. They watched two men knock on the door and exchange money for what officers suspected was drugs.

Police approached the home's patio as the 33-year-old son, Nelson A. Rodriguez, was conducting another deal. The son stiffened up when he noticed the officer and tried to hit the cop. Another officer, struck Rodriguez and he was quickly cuffed.

The elder Rodriguez consented to a search of the home. Inside police found 23 guns, including nine handguns and 14 rifles.

They also found a treasure trove of narcotics including nearly two pounds of marijuana, 13 grams of ecstasy, some mollies, 1.8 grams of coke, 4.3 grams worth of mushrooms, 13 grams of hash, 5.7 grams of hash oil, and three LSD tabs for good measure.

Dad was charged with armed trafficking of cocaine and will not be able to bail out. The son was charged with drug possession with intent to sell and possession of a firearm while committing a felony. He was released on $50,000 bond.

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