Plies Surprises Fan by Paying for Her University of Miami Tuition

Fort Myers rapper Plies got criticized for tossing $50,000 into a crowd at a concert held by Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 this summer.

At the station's recent holiday concert, he returned, but this time instead of setting off a mellee after making it rain he brought one lucky fan onstage and promised to pay for her college tuition for any college in the country.

Her choice? University of Miami.

According to Hip-Hop Enquirer, the lucky girl was 18-year-old Khambrea Johnkins, who plans to study nursing at UM.

Apparently this isn't a re-run of Scott's Tots, as Plies called her after and made her promise to study hard. The rapper, meanwhile, attended Miami University (yes, that other one).

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