Pit Bulls Make For Great Babysitters (If You Want to Get Arrested)

It's a damn shame that pit bulls are banned in Miami-Dade County, because in the rest of the state they're the hot new babysitting trend. Forget teenage girls with braces. A pit bull is never going to eat all your chips, charge pay-per-view movies to your cable bill, or sneak her boyfriend in after the kids go to sleep.

Unfortunately, hiring a pit bull baby sitter while you go out to a bar will probably get you arrested.

James Irvine, 41 of Palm Coast, Florida, found himself in charge of a 10-month-old baby on Friday night when the baby's mother left for work.

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Being Friday night and all, Irvine decided he needed to head out the bars with his friends. So, he decided to leave the sleeping baby alone, and figured that leaving a pit bull outside of the baby's room was as good a babysitting setup as any.

According to WESH, when the baby's mother arrive near midnight she found that Irvine was outside, and had locked himself out of the garage door and was trying to get inside.

He admitted to the mom that he had gone to a bar, but reasoned that the baby wasn't technically left alone.

The mom called the police, and Irvine ended up being charged with child neglect.

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