Pictures of Charlie Crist Allegedly Snorting Cocaine Hit eBay

The Republican Party of Florida is acting like a woman scorned after Charlie Crist veered a little too far "to the left" for Tea Party activists' tastes. So they sent him packing with everything he owns in that box to the left. But everything they bought -- please, Charlie -- don't touch. That's their stuff, and they're selling it on eBay.

Yes, the RPOF has announced plans to sell on eBay an oil portrait of Crist that once adorned their headquarters. It's not up yet, but some other interesting Crist pictures have hit the eBlock. First, a gay-bating listing went up from the assumed spoof account "Florida GOP" claiming to hawk a Scott Rothstein-commissioned portrait of Crist.

"This classic work captures the essence of Crist and will complete your portrait collection of political heroes like Larry Craig, Jim McGreevey, Mark Foley, and Bob Allen!" the description read.

That listing has since been taken down, but another possible spoof listing alleges to sell a picture of Crist snorting coke.

The bidding starts at $600,000 on the auction that went up April 29.

Included in the sale will be publishing rights to between 2 and 6 readily identifiable pictures of FL GOVERNOR CHARLIE CRIST using cocaine.

The rights to publish these pictures will expire --- if the pictures are not published before OCTOBER 31, 2010.

So far, no one has bid. The pictures are not included, but the seller promises that qualified bidders can preview them.

The $600,000 price tag seems a bit high. The lost G4 iPhone went for only $5,000, and we're not even sure pictures of most A-list stars snorting coke would go for that much. Maybe $60,000, but even that's pricey.

Then again, we're going to err on the side of eBay stunt, so the price is irrelevant.

As for the real Crist portrait, that's supposed to hit eBay sometime today.

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Kyle Munzenrieder