Phil Collins Buys J.Lo's Former Miami Beach Mansion for $33 Million
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Phil Collins Buys J.Lo's Former Miami Beach Mansion for $33 Million

A North Bay Road mansion in Miami Beach is going from "On the Floor" to "In the Air Tonight." That's because one former owner's "Love Don't Cost" a thing, but her former real estate certainly does. But when the new owner says "Take Me Home," he'll return to "Another Day in Paradise." That's because the home in question has now been owned by two popular musicians whose song titles can be made into puns to punch up the lede of a real-estate story. "Ain't It Funny? (Murder Remix, feat. Ja Rule)." 

Yes, Phil Collins shelled out $33 million for a Miami Beach home that once belonged to Jennifer Lopez, according to the Wall Street Journal.

J.Lo actually hasn't owned the home since 2005, when she sold it for just $13.9 million to private-equity-firm honcho Mark Gainor. He then spent three years reconfiguring the place, including replacing the roof and redoing the layout of the second floor. 

Gainor put the home up for sale in 2010 for $29 million but had trouble selling it. Despite that, the price slowly climbed as Miami's real-estate market heated up, and the home's asking price reached a peak of $40 million. 

So what does that $33 million buy Mr. Collins? He gets a 12,153-square-foot home directly on Biscayne Bay with clear views of downtown Miami. The property includes a 60-foot pool, 6,000-gallon koi pond, theater, wine cellar, gym, 1,000-square-foot master bedroom closet, and boat dock. It also boasts seven bedrooms, eight full baths, and three half-baths. 

See more photos of the home here

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