Petition to Let Florida Secede Headed to Obama

Remember that crazy WhiteHouse.gov petition demanding that Florida be let free from the United State of America? Well, it's been thirty days since the thing went live, and under the petition rules established Obama administration, any petition that gets 25,000 signatures within 30 days must get an official response. The Florida petition got 35,310.

Similar petitions were set up for other states, but only eight made the 25,000 threshold. Florida had the third most signature behind only Louisiana (37,430) and Texas (119, 617).

Of course, a lot of the people signing the petition weren't Florida. Which means they either really hate Obama and support the idea of states being able to secede after his reelection, or they just don't want Florida to be part of the union anymore.

We're not sure exactly how the White House will respond. Obviously we're not expecting anything to actually come of this. We think a simple "LOL! No." would suffice.

Though, we still stand 100 percent our petition to let South Florida secede from the rest of this state.

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Kyle Munzenrieder