Pat Riley Should Fire Erik Spoelstra, Say Exactly 8,841 People on the Internet

With the supposed-to-be-bigger-than-God Miami Heat looking ugly on the court and sputtering to an 8-6 record, the calls for doofy coach Erik Spoelstra's professional head have reached a fever pitch.

Okay, so we're not at Isiah Thomas in New York territory, but another loss to a mediocre team and we may be. Even our columnist laureate Luther Campbell thinks Spoelstra should hitchhike out of town so Pat Riley-- Heat president and noted evil wizard-- can once again mold a courtside folding chair to his Armani-clad ass.

That said, it should be noted that firespo.com, where you can vote to can the sad-looking schlub, did not just pop up in response to the recent clamor. We've been clicking on it almost all season. Since you can vote once a day, we're probably responsible for about 30 of the nearly 9,000 clicks it's registered.

Seriously, Riles: When you buy a Bugatti, you don't let your chaffeur drive it.

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