Paris Hilton's Body Guard Allegedly Attacked DJ Steve Angello First

As earlier reported, Paris Hilton went to Radar Online with some sob story about how she got pushed by a body guard because a mean ol' DJ wouldn't stop his techno and play some hip-hop for her. She then claimed the bodyguard left whatever boyfriend she has at the moment with a bloody lip.  Of course, we wouldn't expect Radar Online or Paris Hilton to realize it's Winter Music Conference, which is pretty much the most important dance music festival in America.

Riptide surmised that the DJ in question was Swedish House producer Steve Angello, and turns out we were correct, but the story doesn't stop there. Representatives for Angello claim that it was actually Hilton's body guard that punched him.

"Steve plays dance music, he just doesn't play hip hop. He politely

refused Hilton's requests but she got more and more agitated, and it

escalated pretty quickly. Out of nowhere one of her security guards

smacked Steve in the face. Steve is a quiet guy, but he had to act in

self defense and fought back. He started pounding on the guy and it

suddenly turned into a full scale fight in the DJ booth," says a source.

So what have we "learned": Paris Hilton lies, the tabloid media is

unreliable, and Steve Angello is awesome, but we knew all that before.

He'll be headlining the Ibizia Arena Stage at Ultra Music Festival

tonight with his partners in the Swedish House Mafia.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.