Parents Arrested After Mom Found Prostituting Herself, Kids Found Living Among Trash and Drug Paraphernalia

After Miami police got a tip that a man, Gabriel de Jesus Orellana, was beating his young daughter out on the street and offering her up as a prostitute, an undercover cop was sent to investigate. The officer inquired about paying for sex, but instead was given the phone number of the girl's mother and Orellana's wife, Renee Marie Garcia. She agreed to have sex with the undercover officer, but first insisted that he take her to buy drugs. The couple's four kids were later found to be living in deplorable conditions.

The couple have four children: two boys and two girls, all between the ages of 7 and 13.

Orellana was allegedly standing outside of his business in the 900 block of West Flagler Street and hitting his youngest daughter. Tips indicated he was also trying to offer her as a prostitute.

According to CBS Miami, an undercover officer was sent to investigate. Orellana did not offer his daughter to the undercover cop, but instead gave him Garcia's number.

The officer called, and Garcia agreed to meet him but first insisted that he take her to buy drugs. Garcia and the officer then drove to Overtown, where Garcia bought a substance that appeared to be marijuana.

They then drove back to the family apartment, and once inside, Garcia agreed to perform a sex act for $150.

Orellana and Garcia were then arrested. Orellana faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and four counts of child neglect. Garcia faces those charges in addition to drug possession and prostitution.

The conditions inside the apartment were deplorable. A shoe box filled with syringes and a broken glass pipe were discovered out in the open. The refrigerator was empty save for mildew. Garbage was strewn about the floor.

Police also think the couple's two daughters might have been forced into sex work.

"At some point, detectives believe that they may have been prostituted or perhaps they have been offered to commit prostitution," a police spokeswoman told CBS Miami.

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