Open Forum: President Obama, friend of illegal aliens, not of fellow blacks.

From a New Times reader:

I am baffled at the number of African Americans supporting Obama.

They must not care that, if elected, Obama will give "illegal residents" citizenship, social security, welfare, and all the "rights" that they do not deserve.

Once this occurs, they will overwhelm communities, and take away every possible job opportunity that poor, disenfranchised, African Americans need.

Many of these "illegals" will take advantage of their now, "dual citizenship," and take the wages they steal from African Americans, and cross the border to invest it in their growing wealth.

A real "class difference" exists between Hispanic/Latinos CITIZENS, African Americans and ILLEGAL RESIDENTS.

At a time when "white" America is truly identifying with Black history, and accepting African Americans as equal "brothers and sisters" in humanity. A new "wedge" will be driven, dividing our society and culture to self-destruction.

Our Nation needs healing and bonding. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, etc., will, in the words of Obama, "take a scalpel" to our country, and dissect our society, laws, culture, and the safety, security, and welfare of our citizens.

Please, my brothers and sisters, contemplate the words of our beloved Rev. King. We must vote "not based upon the color of a man's skin, but the content of his character."

You will decide your own future, success, and happiness.

Rev. Gary Felton

Miami, FL

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