Only 36 Percent of Americans View Miami Favorably; 33 Percent Just Don't Like Us

Miami's polling numbers are almost as bad as Gov. Rick Scott's.

Public Policy Polling decided to ask Americans whether they view 21 prominent American cities favorably or unfavorably, and Miami didn't do too well. Only 36 percent of Americans view Miami favorably, compared to 33 percent who view the city unfavorably.

Miami tends to be more popular among women, Democrats, liberals, Hispanics, and African-Americans.

Of the 21 cities asked about, Miami came in a dismal 17th place in terms of favorability. We only beat out Los Angeles, Cleveland, Detroit, and last place Oakland. Seattle topped the list followed by Portland (apparently weather didn't shift respondents views that much). Along with Boston and Atlanta, those Northwestern cities were among only four to have a favorable percentage above 50 percent.

Considering our local politics, you'd be surprised which groups likes Miami most. Forty-eight percent of Americans who view themselves as "very liberal" like Miami. That's higher than any other group. Then again, liberals seem to like pretty much every city more than their conservative peers. Only 27 percent of people who described themselves as "very conservative' view Miami in a favorable light. Forty percent of that same group views it unfavorably.

In a similar view, 42 percent of Democrats like Miami compared to just 33 percent of Republicans.

Thirty-eight percent of women like Miami compared to just 34 percent of men.

Hispanics seem to have the strongest feelings about Miami. Forty-three percent view Miami favorably (the same percentage of African Americans), but 36 percent view it unfavorably (higher than any other ethnic group). White folk are evenly split on Miami. Thirty-four percent like it and 34 percent don't.

Despite being one of America's most Hispanic cities and the unofficial "Capital of Latin America," those numbers aren't even particularly high compared to how Hispanics view other cities. Hispanics actually like San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Portland and Phoenix more. Yes, even Phoenix, Arizona, is more popular among Hispanics.

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