Oneal Morris, Fix-A-Flat Butt Doc, Gets $150,000 Bond

Following her arrest yesterday on manslaughter charges related to the death of a former patient, Fix-A-Flat Butt "doc," Oneal Morris, had her bond set at $150,000 by a Broward County judge this morning.

If she posts bail, she will have to forfeit her passport and wear a GPS-monitoring device to ensure that she does not leave South Florida. Morris will also be forbidden from possessing medical needles, and cannot wear doctors scrubs or any other type of medical uniform.

Morris has been arrested numerous times over the past year after it was discovered she had been pumping a DIY silicone mixture that included everything from cement to Fix-A-Flat to non-medical grade silicone purchased from Home Depot.

Shatarka Nuby, of Tamarac, died in March after complications arose from undergoing the injections. Broward Sheriff's officers arrested Morris yesterday on manslaughter charges.

According to NBC Miami, Morris' attorney asked for bond to be set at $10,000, and said that Nuby had undergone procedures performed by someone else after she was injected by Morris.

"Even if there had been a subsequent negligent act which contributed to the death of the victim, the court would, just based on its own common sense, think that you don't, one would not inject a person with silicone purchased from Home Depot," replied the judge.

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Kyle Munzenrieder