On the List - Rokbar, Aero Bar and Laundry Bar

You know you’ve had a good weekend when you wake up Sunday morning and you have a litter of text messages reading:

“WTF!!?! What happened to you last night?”


“Did you get home OK?”


“You were so fun last night!”

Having to recollect what occurred the previous night through the dozen of text messages, voice mails and anecdotes means you achieved one of those gloriously unforgettable nights (well, except to you that is), where, despite have to have your head hovering over the toilet every now and then, you actually had fun. And with all there is to do this weekend, attempting to achieve that level of greatness won’t be too hard.

Tonight, the perennial South Beach lounge Rokbar (1905 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) celebrates 4 years of existence. The celebration includes open bar, courtesy of Belvedere and Moet-Chandon, from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. And the soundtrack to the party with be provided by DJs Tommy Ryk and Gunars. Four years is unheard of in South Beach, where clubs come and go faster than most of us can keep up with.

Speaking of coming, Aero Bar (247 23rd St., Miami Beach) is newest club to open up this weekend in the up-and-coming Collins Park area of Miami Beach. The place opens up on Friday to plenty of hype and anticipation. The experience is being described as “Alice In Wonderland meets the Jetsons,” but it’s that kind of loaded PR talk that gets clubs in trouble when they can’t deliver on what they promise. However, I’ll reserve my judgment until I actually get a look at the place this weekend. Don’t fret if you can’t make it on Friday, the celebration lasts all weekend long.

Also in Friday, go behind the iron curtain at Parkwest (30 NE 11th St., Miami) when it turns into a Bolshevik paradise for its A Night in Moscow-themed event. How exactly is Louis Puig & Co. going to pull this off? Not sure as they are a little vague on the details, but DJs Ruen and Louis Dee will be there to help you dust off your Cold War moves.

Pack up your dirty clothing on Saturday and run over to Laundry Bar (721 Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach) for its new monthly party French Kiss. With an upcoming lineup better suited at Poplife or the now-defunct Revolver, it definitely is an odd booking for the drum-and-bass-loving spot. New York DJ Stretch Armstrong kicks things off with his good mix of electro-house. Also look out for Kill The Noise and Le Castle Vania who are scheduled to appear in the coming months.

- Jose D. Duran

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