Obama Names Latino to Cabinet. Sit Down, Manny, It's Not You

After weeks of throwing a cabinet seat at any former Clinton administration official with a heartbeat, Prez-to-be Obama today finally got around to appointing a Hispanic to his top circle of advisers.

Riptide knows a lot of you have been lying awake at night, feverishly imagining the nightmare scenario that Miami might lose Mayor Manny Diaz to just such an appointment. Well, rest easy. And someone get Manny a stiff drink. Obama still hasn't called.

Instead, Obama chose Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar, who shares the distinction with our own Mel Martinez of being one of two of the first Hispanic senators (elected in '77). Salazar is known as a moderate, but he did stir up a shitstorm by calling James Dobson -- defender of traditional marriage extraordinaire -- "the antichrist."

As for Manny, repeat after me: There's still the White House Office of Urban Policy. Whatever the F that is.

-- Tim Elfrink

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