Now You Too Can Incorporate Your Uterus!

Last week, Democrat state Rep. Scott Randolph made House Republicans uncomfortable when he dared to say the word uterus on the House floor. He suggested that his wife "incorporate" hers to get Republicans to stop mandating what she and other woman do with it. Although Florida Republicans are pushing through a host of anti-abortion measures, uttering the scientifically correct word for a major organ involved in pregnancy is apparently too much for the GOP. Well, the ACLU of Florida has struck back, and thanks to a new website, you too can now incorporate your uterus!

The group has rolled out IncorporateMyUterus.com, a web address that was surprisingly unused, to send a message to state Republicans.

"Of course, you can't legally Incorporate Your Uterus, but you can online," the site reads. "And by doing so, you can send a message to the Florida Legislature that less regulation and government intrusion begins with a woman's uterus."

Randolph appeared last night on The Rachel Maddow Show, where he and the host had a lengthy discussion about Florida politics.

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Kyle Munzenrieder