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Artist Lazaro Amaral standing in front on the offending artwork that the City of North Miami allegedly tried to censor by placing a dump truck in front of his business every morning.

North Miami Allegedly Attempts to Censor Art With Dump Truck

Lazaro Amaral, who owns a business in North Miami, secured a storefront to show his art about two years ago. He's a credible artist who worked at the Art Center of South Florida and still teaches there.

So he was surprised when the City of North Miami tried to censor his work.

Or at least that's what he says they did.

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Starting about a month ago, a city dump truck - ironically painted with North Miami's motto, "City of Progress" -- began parking in front of his store at 1675 NE 123rd St. It was left there each morning and taken away each afternoon.

Amaral says the city put it there to block a silk-screen picture in the window of Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols . "It has words all over it and the graffiti says 'Fuck Art.' The city was really sneaky about this. It's wrong."

He called code enforcement this morning. An inspector who gave his name as E. Graham, spoke with city workers about the dump truck. "He told me that 'the people high up' found my artwork offensive."

Finally, when Amaral called New Times and threatened to report the censorship to the media, the truck was moved Thursday afternoon.

- Chuck Strouse

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