No Terrorism Link Suspected in Airport Mini-Explosion

Yesterday's bizarre mini-explosion on the tarmac of Miami International Airport was not connected to terrorism, the FBI has confirmed. A piece of luggage exploded when workers were unloading it from the plane. Originally, the explosions was though to be caused by an aerosol can but was actually caused by hundreds of bullet primers found concealed in the lining of the bag. Update.

An unidentified Orville Braham, a 37-year-old man has been identified as the owner of the bag.

"The bag was being taken out by a baggage handler, he put it on the ground and something ignited and hit him in the shoe," FBI spokesman Mark Leverock told Reuters. "One of the primers ignited and then they all ignited."

"We don't believe there is a terrorist nexus," Leverock said.

The man, a naturalized U.S. citizen, had boarded the plane in Boston, and was to catch a connecting flight headed to Jamaica.

Instead he's being held at a Federal Detention Center under charges of traveling with ammunition without a license.

Here's the Federal complaint: Bra Ham Complaint

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Kyle Munzenrieder