No, Stroller Mom Didn't Try to Burn Down an Arts & Crafts Store

Yesterday, we asked if a mysterious woman with a stroller was responsible for setting fire to a Michaels arts and crafts stores down in Kendall. Well, police have now located the mystery woman according to CBS Miami. She denied any wrongdoing and, apparently, persuaded police enough of her innocence that she's been cleared of any charges. So who did set the fires?

Someone on February 8 set three separate fires in the store with an unknown flammable substance. Stroller mom was seen entering the store shortly before the fires were ignited and was the first one out after the fires erupted. Police say that all other witnesses at the time were questioned.

She's been cleared of wrongdoing and the investigation continues.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the fire, but it caused $50,000 in damages. The store has reopened, a boon to Kendall's crafting community for sure. You keep on knitting those sweaters and decoupaging decorative pots with out fear of flames, Kendallites.

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