Nicole Sandler, Local Liberal Radio Host, Arrested at Rep. Allen West's Town Hall

Remember that time a superideological politician held a town hall and a lot of people from the other end of the political spectrum showed up and yelled not such nice things at him and he decided to completely change his political outlook overnight and everything worked out in the end? Oh right, it never happened! That doesn't stop people from trying to make it happen all the time, though.

Last night, at a town hall in Fort Lauderdale held by controversial, Tea Party-connected congressman Allen West, several activists showed up with their heckling game in tow. Nicole Sandler, a former host of a liberal politics show on WINZ, was arrested.

In this video from Shark-Tank.net, West is seen complaining about being called misogynist and whatnot when several hecklers begin shouting unintelligible things at him. The congressman replies, "You're not going to intimidate me," which is greeted with applause from his supporters.

Around the 3:34 mark, Nicole Sandler is shown being escorted out. The video then shows Sandler outside the main auditorium. She identifies herself by name, and when police try to remove her from the building, she refuses and says she's talking to the media.

An officer touches Sandler, and she screams, "Get your hand off of me!" The officer then places Sandler under arrest, to which she replies, "Ah-ha-ha. Oh my God. I have witnesses here, right?" Sandler was charged with "trespassing after warning."

Hecklers were apparently angry that West would not answer questions directly from audience members at the town hall and would reply to only previously submitted written questions.

Sandler wanted to press West about his support of Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, which included drastic cuts for Medicare.

West wouldn't respond, which led to more screaming from Sandler and eventually to her being escorted out of the auditorium.

Sandler used to host a progressive talk show on WINZ and has a show on the left-leaning Air America radio network. Sandler was let go after the station switched to its current sports talk format, but she still hosts a show online.

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Kyle Munzenrieder