NFL in Serious Talks to Host Super Bowl in London

The Super Bowl has been held in the Miami area more often than any other city. In fact, with next year's game, the total will be ten, nearly a quarter of all Super Bowls played. Let's not get it twisted -- we're the Super Bowl's main chick. Sure, he might play the field in some other cities, but at the end of the day, we know he'll always come back to us, because all of those other cities in America can't treat him like we do.

So it breaks our heart a little to know the Super Bowl was recently caught passing its digits to London. Yes, the BBC reports the NFL has had serious talks with London officials about holding the big game in that city.

It's not that much of a surprise the NFL is interested in London and expanding globally. The Dolphins went to London in 2007 to get their asses handed to them by the New York Giants in the first NFL game ever outside North America, and league officials have talked about the possibility before. But it seems increasingly likely it might become a reality.

"Ever since the NFL began playing games in London, we have

been in discussions with the NFL about what is involved in staging the Super Bowl from the host city perspective," said commercial director

David Hornby.

"It continues to be something we discuss on a regular basis, without there being any specific timetable or plan in place."


the obvious ridiculousness of a sport largely popular in America -- and only America only -- playing its championship game elsewhere, but

let's say the NFL does succeed in expanding globally. First, its a Super

Bowl in London, then one in Paris. A Pro Bowl in Brazil. Then our lock

on hosting these events on a regular basis (we'll start hosting the Pro

Bowl on a semi-regular basis in 2011) becomes a little less secure, as

does all the money those games bring in.

Wait, Super Bowl, they don't love you like we do.

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