News Roundup: If Jeezy's Payin' LeBron, I'm Paying Dwyane Wade

  • The number of homes in foreclosure in Miami-Dade fell by 5.62 percent last month, but that's still higher than the same month last year. [Herald]
  • A 4-year-old boy in pajamas was found this morning wandering the streets in NW Dade, but his parents haven't been found. [NBCMiami]
  • Remember how this summer we had all of those crazy rallies for and against health care? Well, during one in Miami, a guy punched someone and now he'll attend anger management. [Herald]
  • Former singing sensation Brandy has turned in her crooning for rapping and has been in Miami with Timbaland turning herself into "Bran'Nu." Here she is performing. OK, then. [MTV]
  • The Dolphins have not taken the wildcat behind a shed and shot it; they still plan on using it when needed. [Herald]
  • The Heat might be looking to sign Mike James. [ESPN]
  • That mention of Dwyane Wade in "Empire State of Mind"? It doesn't mean Jay-Z is looking to sign him to the Nets; it just means Jay-Z pays incredibly discounted rates for cocaine. [TheAwl]

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Kyle Munzenrieder