News Roundup: Brrr, It's Cold Out There

  • You're right -- it is really cold out. In fact, it's the coldest cold snap in about a decade. [Herald]
  • Paul Michael Merhige, the man alleged to have killed four family members during a Thanksgiving massacre, was found in a motel room in the Keys thanks to a tip from an America's Most Wanted viewer. [CBS4
  • A 6-year-old boy was hit by a stray celebratory bullet after midnight New Year's Eve. Mayor Regalado wants to make one thing perfectly clear: "It is a public relations nightmare for Miami." All those other people who get shot everyday? Apparently they're not bad for PR, so who cares? [CBS4]
  • A fully loaded Miami-Dade Police car went missing New Year's Eve, but cops found it. They still have no idea who took it, though. [NBCMiami]
  • Lady Gaga, a performer popular with the gays, showed up at Score, a South Beach nightclub popular with the gays. [Miami.Com]

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