News Roundup

  • The Miami Herald quietly upped its price for the first time in 18 years to $0.50 for the weekday edition. So wait they had massive layoffs, entered various story sharing agreements, and only now thought about raising the price to a wee bit higher than 1990 levels? [CBS4]
  • Rod "I can parachute me there" Blagojevich may be jealous of this story: a ruined man crashed his plan, but may have faked his own death and parachuted to safety. [Herald]
  • This is a story about a lost ring. It's one of those things that pisses me off because you can tell CBS4 put more time and effort into it than most things, but it's still kind of neat. [CBS4]
  • Lennar continues to say, "no ponzi scheme here. Move along now." [CNNMoney]
  • Having given up on having the best basketball team, the Miami Heat settles on having the best high tech billboard. [SFBJ]

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