News Roundup


  • Vice President Biden tried to butter up reps from the biggest union in all the land, AFL-CIO, so they'd support the stimulus bill during a meeting in Miami Beach yesterday. [AP]
  • He also announced $8.4 billion from the stimulus package will benefit transportation, and called the Miami Intermodal Center "the wave of the future." [CBS News]
  • Employees at Stanford Financial Miami branch, the company owned and operated by ponzi-schemer Allen Stanford (who does not deserve to be called sir), came back to work one last time to clean out their stuff. [NBC6]
  • Potential Marlins stadium swing vote Michelle Spence-Jones wanted a little something, something for her district before voting yes on the plan. Maybe she feels she got that something, something. [Herald]
  • US Sec. of Education Arne Duncan will be in town today. [Herald]


  • A $410 billion federal omnibus spending bill is being held up thanks to language that would ease some elements of US-Cuba policy. [Naked Politics]
  • Ileana and the Diaz-Balarts were 3 of the 7 republicans in the House who voted for the housing bill. [Naked Politics]
  • State legislatures will get a chance to really get into Charlie Crist's budget today, dig around in there, and find out if it is an actually viable proposal. [SPTimes]


  • College Basketball: M***** F*****, Georgia Tech bounces back from a 7 game losing streak to beat Miami 78-68. [AP]
  • Sorry T.O., the Miami Dolphins have no interest in you. [Herald]


  • Robin Williams, still laid up in a Miami hospital, will have to undergo heart surgery. [CBS4]
  • Oh. Dear. God. [Gawker]

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