News Roundup

  • Eleven ACORN workers in Miami-Dade were arrested or are being sought for falsifying voter registration cards, which, OMG, means Barack Obama stole the election. Oh, wait. ACORN claims to have alerted the police to the suspects in the first place and that there was no effect on the election outcome. [Herald]
  • Mark Foley will host a new radio show in Palm Beach called Inside the Mind of Mark Foley. I'm not sure how radio waves will be able to properly transmit thoughts of smooth-skinned boys playfully wrestling in a kiddie pool full of whip cream, but I guess Foley will just narrate those things to us every week. [CBS4]
  • Pat Riley still sees Michael Beasley as a big part of the Heat's future, and Beasley is in daily contact with the team. [PBPost]
  • Manny Diaz is telling the police and fire unions to either take pay cuts or expect layoffs. [CBS4]
  • Mel Martinez will give his farewell speech on the Senate floor today. So long, Mel. [FCN]

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Kyle Munzenrieder