News Roundup


  • This is the saddest thing ever: An English teacher saved up for her dream vacation in Miami Beach and then died of meningitis. [ThisIs]
  • The Miami City Commission will not let the Marlins ballpark borrow $9 million from the general fund to build a parking garage. This is because they promised to not use money from the fund, and they are actually keeping their word. [SFBJ]
  • County Commissioners will not be able to use cops as their own personal chauffeurs. [Herald]
  • This smart grid thing is apparently a much bigger deal than we thought. Here is Time magazine to make you excited that we're on the forefront of something cutting edge, and then bore you with the details. [Time]
  • Here is another national outlet commenting on a local thing. 'The response to Obama's shifts in Cuba policy were strangely low-key, and maybe Cuban-Americans even like him a bit.' Take it away AP. [AP]
  • There is a bear in Weston who is busy doing bear things and eating your trash. [NBCMiami]
  • "I just thought I was creating a cute little 10-acre dude ranch..." for naked people. [NBCMiami]


  • The Marlins drop their second game in a row to the Pirates. Arrrrrrrgh....ugh. Watch as our stat as number one team in all of baseball slowly slips away. It was fun while it lasted. [Herald]


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