New Times Writers Honored By Out Magazine

It was May when we caught anti-gay oracle George Rekers vacationing with a rentboy, yet the story continues to redound on our lives. Last night, the two of us headed to a warped Frank Gehry building in Manhattan for the Out 100 party, a Sodom and Gomorrah gathering of LGBT people whom Out Magazine selected as the most influential of 2010. Somehow we ended up on that list, flabbergasted and humbled to join the likes of Rachel Maddow, Ricky Martin, and Julianne Moore (who is not gay, but played a gay woman in The Kids Are All Right and allies herself with the community).

As nearly broke freelance journalists, we knew it was all but impossible to find clothes commensurate to the occasion. Penn was lucky entough to find a vintage clothing store directly across the street from our bed and breakfast in the flatiron district, where there was a 30-year-old black leather blazer with a missing button for sale for an almost reasonable sum. We bought it, deciding our cats did not need to eat this month.

Other than that, it was a no-frills occasion for us. We walked he red carpet (which is actually black) in the best threads we could salvage from our wardrobes. And we met Rachel Maddow, on whom we have a distressingly hetero crush.

Visit here for a list of the Out 100 honorees and for pictures from the party.

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Penn Bullock and Brandon K. Thorp