New Poll: Charlie Crist Leads Senate Race By Four Points

Party? Charlie Crist don't need no stinking party. The first major poll conducted since the Governor announced he'd seek election to the Senate with no party affiliation is out, and Crist leads republican Marco Rubio by four points. Meanwhile, Democrats and their presumptive nominee Kendrick Meek are in deeper trouble. They were heralding Crist's defection as a sign that the Republican voting block would be split, but it appears that Crist is actually moving into what should be Meek's base.

Here's the numbers from the latest Rasmussen poll: Crist leads with 38 percent, Rubio places second with 34, and Meek comes in with a disappointing 17 percent. It's a big change from the last Rasmussen poll between the three that was taken when Crist's independent candidacy was theoretical. Crist enjoyed an 8-point bump since then, and Rubio and Meek each fell by three.

What's even more shocking: Crist does best amongst self described liberals. 56 percent support him. 55 percent of moderates also line up with Crist. Meanwhile 57 percent of conservatives support Rubio.

Meanwhile, 62 percent of Florida voters approve of the way Crist is handling his current job as Governor. That's a 6 point jump from early April. Rasmussen, however, didn't ask if Crist's handling of the oil spill may have bumped his approval ratings.

It should be interesting to watch if the way Crist handles the oil spill turns around his political fortune.

Crist is also viewed very favorably by 25 percent of Floridians, Rubio by 18 percent, and Meek by only 10 percent.

Rubio is viewed somewhat or very unfavorably by 48 percent. Crist is only viewed unfavorably by 40 percent. Meek still remains little known. 32 percent had no opinion of him.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.