The Miami Marlins have formally unveiled a uniform set that's "Caliente Red" and "Miami Blue."EXPAND
The Miami Marlins have formally unveiled a uniform set that's "Caliente Red" and "Miami Blue."
Miami Marlins via Twitter

The Marlins Are Getting Pink-and-Blue, Vice City-Style Jerseys

Believe it or not, there's a reason to be happy with the Miami Marlins today. As one might expect, the event doesn't have anything to do with the team's roster or on-field performance. But today the Fish formally unveiled a new set of logos and team colors. In what is now becoming a trend for Miami sports teams, the Marlins are switching to a uniform that's pink, blue, and black.

The colors are technically called "Caliente Red" and "Miami Blue," and the whole jersey kit looks suspiciously like the Miami Heat's latest "Vice City"-style uniforms. That means the Marlins have (we cannot believe we are saying this) done something smart and mimicked one of the highest-selling jerseys in city history. Fans online are, so far, mostly pleased:

Did the Marlins obviously rip this design from the Miami Heat? Almost certainly. Was it a good idea anyway? One hundred percent. New Times has been arguing for years that Miami teams should embrace the city's tropical vibe and quit using boring jerseys that could exist in any other American city. Last year, the Heat unveiled its Vice City "third jerseys," which became the highest-selling alternate jersey kit in NBA history. Now the Heat has unveiled a second version of those jerseys and even repainted the court temporarily to match the uniforms, a move that has a lot of people wondering whether the Heat will make those damn things the permanent uniform already.

David Beckham's forthcoming soccer team, Inter Miami CF, also followed the trend earlier this year and unveiled an instant-classic, pink-white-and-black logo complete with two cranes bookending the image.

The Marlins have followed suit and at least figured out a visual way to move on from the horrid era of ex-owner and barely disguised hobgoblin Jeffrey Loria. The team's old jerseys weren't necessarily bad, but they were extremely bland and mediocre. Now a normal-looking marlin has retuned to the team's logo!

The Marlins had hinted for a while that the change was coming. Pink-and-blue murals began popping up in Miami a few weeks ago. And, more obvious, the team's logo was leaked to the media a little while ago. It turns out those logos were real, and now the Marlins and Heat are creating something of a city identity for Miami's sports teams. Of course, we have yet to see the full uniforms just yet, and it's possible the entire getup winds up still looking a little bland. But dare we say the Marlins have — gasp — done something good?

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