New Marlins Stadium to Feature Real Fish

In 1994's surprise Hollywood hit, Ace Ventura Pet Detective (featuring a still relatively unknown Jim Carrey) the fantastical storyline revolves around a dolphin kidnapped from an aquarium at the Orange Bowl. Sixteen years later, the Florida Marlins announced that they will have two aquariums installed at their new stadium--on the site of what used to be the Orange Bowl.

Major League Baseball revealed the plans for twin custom-made saltwater aquariums to flank both sides of home plate on Thursday. The tanks will be feature coral reefs and a variety of fish.

The aquarium on the right side of home plate -- when looking from the pitcher's mound -- will measure 34 feet in length and 36 inches high while holding 600 gallons of seawater. The one on the left will be 24 feet long and hold 450 gallons.

Oh, and don't worry about any foul balls or wild pitches shattering the glass and spilling all manner of sea life over the baseball diamond. The glass is bulletproof. In these tough economic times it's good to know our tax dollars are going to good use. No word yet on whether BP is sponsoring the aquariums.

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