Nearly 10 Percent of Florida Voters Have Cast an Absentee Ballot So Far; Republicans Hold Edge

Just under one million Floridians have already cast their ballots in the presidential elections, and the number is closing in on the 10 percent total mark of all Florida registered voters. So far, though, Republicans have turned in more absentee ballots than Democrats, but their absentee advantage is significantly down from last year.

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Here are the total number of ballots cast so far broken down by party:

Voted ballots:

Party   Voted          %

REP     414,016   45%

DEM    363,881    39%

IND      147,707   16%

Total     925,604

Those numbers are rounded, so Republicans so far have about a 5.6 percent voter advantage. Though, Naked Politics points out that Republicans had a 17 points absentee voter advantage at this point. So Democrats have certainly picked up their absentee game.

Democrats also tend to vote in larger numbers during the early voting period than Republicans. Early voting begins on this Sunday, October 27.

There's still also just over 1.6 million requested absentee ballots that haven't been returned yet. About 40 percent of those belong to Dems. 39 percent belong to Republicans.

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