NBCMiami: Tell Us How You Really Feel (Specifically About Jeremy Piven)

​After only a few months in existence, NBCMiami.com has already undergone its first complete redesign (as have all NBC local sites). It's a curious beast, to say the least. Because the hallmark of the web has become "oversharing" and emotional indulgence, it only makes sense a news site would try to harness that.

First of all, it's a very emotional site. It tells you up front how it's feeling, as in "NBCMiami is furious about corrupt cops." It invites readers to choose one of six emotions (furious, sad, laughing, bored, intrigued, thrilled. Why not just use emoticons? >:[, :*(, XD. :|, ;), =D) to describe their reaction to a story. So, that's interesting. I guess we are intrigued. ;)

The other new main feature is called "So Miami," which lets users "confess" to their Miami moments. Right now, that means it lets anonymous NBC6 workers confess how they think Jeremy Piven is a total douchebag. Guess the Piv-meister didn't impress the staff when he stopped by South Florida Today to promote his new movie, The Goods (which looks like The Bads -- har).

Meanwhile, we still have the same ol' site. >:[

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