Motorcycles Collide with Big Rig, Helicopter Comes to the Rescue on Krome Avenue

An accident straight out of a Michael Bay movie has temporarily shut down a portion of Krome Avenue in both directions. At least three motorcycles collided with a tractor trailer. Luckily, a nearby helicopter landed near the scene, and a man jumped out of the chopper to administer CPR to the victims.

Three motorcyclists were involved in the accident, though only two seem to be seriously injured. Reports are conflicting on where the accident actually occurred. CBS4 claims it was two miles north of SW 8th St, while WSVN reports it was five miles.

The impact of the accident was enough to send a portion of the front of the tractor trailer flying off, and on-the-scene pictures show that the truck's front cowl is lodged underneath the trailer.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helicopter happened to be in the area of the semi-secluded road and spotted the accident. The chopper landed, and an officer administered CPR to one of the victims until rescue personal showed up.

Two of the motorcyclists were airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Krome Avenue is now shut down between US 27 and Southwest Eighth Street.

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