Mitt Romney Will Endorse Marco Rubio, Hopefully Won't Quote Castro While Doing So

Ol' Mittens Romney will endorse Marco Rubio. The once, and probably future, presidential candidate was sitting on the sidelines of the Senate primary between Rubio and Gov. Charlie Crist, but has decided to side with Rubio after Crist vetoed an unpopular, but conservative-backed education bill.

Because if there is one person Florida voters look to for their opinions on senate candidates and state education bills it's the former one-term governor of Massachusetts.

From CNN:

"Over the past many months, Governor Romney has spoken with both Governor Crist and Marco Rubio," a Romney adviser told CNN. "Both of them asked for his endorsement. While Mitt Romney respects Governor Crist, he believes Marc Rubio's record of conservative, principled and idea-driven leadership is what Florida needs now."

The two will campaign together in the Tampa Bay area next week. If the Rubio campaign is smart they'll keep him out of Miami, where during his own presidential run he decided to shout a fascist slogan, "Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!," taken directly from the mouth of Fidel Castro at the Miami-Dade Lincoln Day Dinner. It went over like a lead raft.

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