Mitt Romney Fails to Have LMFAO Arrested After Airplane Scuffle

We haven't had much love for Mitt Romney since he visited here in a guayabera, bungled a bunch of local politicians' names, and accidentally quoted Fidel Castro, but we sure as hell don't have love for LMFAO. The "I'm in Miami, Bitch!" hit-makers are just the absolute worst, and if we hear a tourist shout that phrase one more time, we are going to lose it.

We had no idea that someday Romney and LMFAO would cross paths, but they did. And it turned violent. Unfortunately, no vocal cords were harmed and no charges were pressed.

It was reported earlier this week that when returning from the Olympic Games in Vancouver, former (and future?) presidential candidate Romney got slapped by an irate passenger. Turned out it was "Sky Blu" of LMFAO.

"He grabbed my shoulder, and I was like, boom, get off of me," Blu says in a YouTube video. "The man assaulted me. I was protecting myself."

A Romney spokesman says the ex-gov asked Blu to move his reclined seat up while they were in economy class on a flight to L.A. Then the "rapper" became violent.

Sadly, Romney did not press charges. Blu was removed from the flight and allowed to catch another plane.

Damn it, Romney! You could have done us a solid by having this dude jailed and you didn't! This is a more unforgivable slight to the city of Miami than bungling your patronizing Little Havana speech two years ago. Don't think we won't forget this next time you run for president.

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