Mike Miller Responds Predictably to Jason Collins' Coming Out

Jason Collins mentioned his former teammate and current Miami Heat player Mike Miller yesterday in his big coming-out story in Sports Illustrated by hoping that Miller might react to the news by talking about how he enjoyed being his teammate and remembering fondly the time he sold him a dog.

Today, Miller responded to the news by talking about how he enjoyed being Collins' teammate and reminiscing about the time he sold him a dog.

"Maybe Mike Miller, my old teammate in Memphis, will recall the time I dropped by his house in Florida and say, 'I enjoyed being his teammate, and I sold him a dog.' I hope players swap stories like that," wrote Collins in Sports Illustrated. "Maybe they'll talk about my character and what kind of person I am."

"I support him 100 percent," Miller told the Sun-Sentinel today after practice. "He's a great teammate... I was a teammate of his. I was happy to be a teammate of his. That's all that really matters."

"I had German shepherd puppies, and he bought one," Miller continued. "If he's happy [now], we're happy."

The two played together briefly for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2008.

So Collins basically predicted Miller's response perfectly.

Though few other Heat players have direct links to Collins, most had nothing but supportive things to say.

LeBron James called the admission "very noble," while Dwyane Wade took to Twitter to say that Collins "showed a lot of courage."

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