Mike Huckabee Has Registered as a Florida Voter, Thinks Children Aren't Puppies

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has turned his back on the political process of the state he used to be governor of, Arkansas, and has apparently registered himself to vote in Florida. The Huckster doesn't own property here, but he rents a beach house in the Panhandle, which is apparently enough for him to decide to vote in Florida.

Uh, does this mean he'll start to get involved more in Florida politics? He's already been a strong and early supporter of Marco Rubio. In fact, he just spoke at a St. Petersburgh school and said he wouldn't be surprised if Rubio ran for President in 2012.

He also recently said that Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care reform was a failure, and said that gays shouldn't adopt kids because, "Children are not puppies." That's good, because Huckabee's son once allegedly killed a dog by hanging it and surely Huckabee's Fox News audience would be horrified to find out he was related to a baby killer. But good news everyone, children are not puppies and Huckabee is no safely registered in a state where gays are banned from adopting children.

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