Michael Vick is NOT Inhumane

Michael Vick is not inhumane.

At least not if we employ the reasoning used by members of the Miami Chef’s Club, a group of local toques who meet over food and drink at one another’s establishments. As reported in the Herald (Tropical Life, August 16th), “some of the chefs resented that critics call foie gras production ‘inhumane,’ reasoning that geese are food animals, not humans.”

Maybe had they put down their cookbooks for a minute and checked out a dictionary, they’d learn that being humane means “having the good qualities of human beings, as kindness, mercy, or compassion.” To be inhumane is to lack such attributes -- even if it is towards animals. And even if it is because these chefs really really like the way foie gras tastes.

Who are these brutish culinarians? As we don’t know who was at this particular gathering where the offending words were spoken, I’ll list all club members and invite those who wish to disassociate themselves from such sentiments to write in. I promise to print the responses.

Members: Tim Andriola (Timo); Tom Azar (Emeril’s); Sean Bernal (Oceannaire); Michael Bloise (Wish); Giancarla Bodoni (Escopazzo, but probably not her -- she doesn’t serve foie gras); Clay Conley (Azul); Malka Espinel (Johnny V); Michael Gilligan (Atrio); Cindy Hutson (Ortanique); Michael Jacobs (Grass); Dewey and Dale LoSasso (North One 10); Dean James Max (3030 Ocean); Jason McClain (8 1/2); Michael Schwartz (Michael’s Genuine); Eric Scott (Ortanique); Delius Shirley (Ortanique); Jesse Souza (Chispa); Adam Votaw (formerly Chispa). -- Lee Klein

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Tovin Lapan